SNATTA CHQ reported Successful Strike from all over INDIA..

It came to know that SNATTA CHQ reported successful strike from all over INDIA.. SNATTA GUJARAT shown massive support to strike. SNATTA GUJARAT thanks all the TTA friends for their active participation to make this strike 100% success. Keep it up friends.

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The two days “Stay out strike by abstaining from duty will be from 00 Hrs of 21st to 24 Hrs of 22nd April, 2015″. Forum has to conduct demonstration infront of all Circle, SSA HQs and all major stations on both days. All employees should participate in the two days “stay out strike” to “SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION “.

The information of meeting between UNITED FORUM and CMD, BSNL in meeting held on 17th April

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After meeting with CMD, BSNL; Forum leaders decided to hold Forum Meeting on Monday i.e. 20.04.2015 at 11.00 AM to decide the strategies for successful implementation of 2 days strike.

No outcome in the meeting between Forum and CMD BSNL on 17/4/2015


A meeting took place on 17-04-2014, between the Forum and the CMD BSNL. There is no outcome on any issue. The CMD BSNL requested the leaders to defer the strike, so that a meeting can be held with the Secretary, DoT.  The Secretary, DoT has gone on a foreign tour and will be returning only on the evening of 20th April.  The CMD BSNL could not give any assurance that the meeting with the Secretary, DoT, would take place immediately. But, he told that the meeting could take place in 15 days to one month. The Forum replied that the decision would be conveyed after discussion.  The Forum meeting will take place on 20th April.So there is no necessity to defer the strike. However, the matter will be discussed in the Forum meeting and decision will be taken. In the meantime, CHQ requests the circle and district unions to keep the mobilization for the strike in full tempo. 

21st and 22nd April, 2015 Strike Poster by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations

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