SNATTA GUJARAT is going to support BSNLEU for 27-07-2017 One Day Strike

Dear All comrades, SNATTA Gujarat is always followed right thing and do right activities in favour of our TTA and their futures. 3rd PRC is the first PRC of 2011,2013,2014 & 2016-2017 batch and it’s our right. SNATTA CHQ withdrawal from one day strike proposed dated on 27-07-2017 which is the individual decision. They not discussing such issues or topic with us and also with other circles like Karnataka, MP, Rajasthan etc. But in Gujarat, we have good relation with BSNLEU and they are always ready to help us. In recent time we easily cleared all our issues like Rule-8 Intra circle transfer, 3rd JTO LICE Training Scheduled with help of BSNLEU also they in future they can support us for our Upcoming JTO LICE, JAO Lice etc.

Also, BSNLEU CS Shri BakotarG Assured that there is no any vigilance case against strike participated only one-day salary deducted. Also in future, we need to conduct JTO LICE and solve so many upcoming issues in favour of us and BSNLEU always ready to solve our issues.

As per discussion made with CS/CP & GUJARAT circle body finally we decided to join strike on dated 27-07-2017.

Remembers our goal friends, stayed united and show the Power of SNATTA Gujarat. If we united then we can make our future bright like our Seniors did in past

SNATTA Gujarat Jindabad

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